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7G Bümin

  • 7G Bümin
  • Music
Through music production, I have guided myself and others to find and express themselves since 2010 using music production software. Working with global artists such as Jidenna, Wayna, and Mumu Fresh, I express my Afrocentric roots through my tracks.

Allison Fomich

  • Tigerlillyshop Jewelry
  • Jewelry
Allison Fomich of Tigerlillyshop Jewelry, creates unique mixed metal jewelry from nature specimens collected from her surrounding environment. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques she imprints botanical specimens into copper, brass, and sterling silver creating fossil-like impressions. Her cast nature jewelry line consists of small organic objects which includespecial tiny acorns, twigs, shark teeth and tiny shells in both bronze and sterling silver.

Antoinette Suiter

  • Antoinette Suiter
  • Interdisciplinary, Sculpture, Visual Arts
In my sculptures, installations, and mixed-media works-- I use ubiquitous domestic objects including carpet, PVC pipes, and wooden framing; to emphasize the uncanny within the familiar. I often begin with a foundation of research, digging into and deconstructing obscure histories, creating uncanny and surreal narratives from the bits and pieces left behind. A term I often circle back to in my practice, is ‘nostomania’. An outmoded psychological term used to characterize a harmfully extreme form of nostalgia; an unremitting desire to return home or go back to a familiar place exemplifies the affliction. A hyper-fear, horror, and obsession with the objects of home also characterize nostomania. Nostalgia in these circumstances is pushed to a perilous degree, and out of the control of the individual experiencing it. I view my work as a movie for one; an implied larger narrative abbreviated, displaced and contextualized within the structure of yet another narrative. The objects I see as de-contextualized movie props in terms of form and subject matter, but also self-contained units complete in their own existence-- rather than secondary forms remaining from a larger whole. This idea of a world within a world, as well as the intersection of “high art” with the cheap sensationalism of pulp, pervades my work.

Armen Baboom

  • Armen Baboom
  • Visual Arts
Armen Baboom was born in Tehran, Iran in 1970. He has taken delight in painting and drawing since his childhood. His artistic career started in 1987, when he entered Tehran's School of Visual Art. He has spent many years of his career on figure drawing, especially portrait drawing. He has excellent technique in expressing himself. Eventually, he developed a serious interest in abstract art and found a new sense of comfort and enjoyment in it. He participated in 2 solo and 3 group art exhibitions in Tehran, Iran. He also participated in the following art exhibitions in Baltimore, MD: 1- Solo Art Exhibition, Reverb Club, 2017 2- Group Art Exhibition, Big Show Exhibition, Creative Alliance, 2019 3- Group Art Exhibition, 25th Big Show Exhibition, Creative Alliance, 2020 He tends to use sturdy and full compositions in his artworks. On the other hand, one of the desirable features of his work is using primary colors. The square and rectangle shapes are very visible in his artworks. He places a lot of value and importance in pleasure and enjoyment while creating his artworks.

Bonnie Lander

  • Dr. Bonnie Lander
  • Music, Performing Arts
Dr. Bonnie Lander is a multifaceted musician based in Baltimore, MD. Specializing in contemporary music, Bonnie performs internationally as an avant-garde soprano, violinist, and improviser. Currently, Dr. Lander works as curator and events manager at 2640 Space, as Assistant Director for the Community Chorus of Peabody, and manages a private online voice studio in the Bromo Arts District. Bonnie's method as a teacher is simple: to free the voice of tension, hesitation, and pain through didactic technical exercises and fun repertoire choices including pop, rock, jazz, musical theater, classical, and avant-garde music.

Bryan Robinson

  • B. Robinson of The Black Genius Art Show
  • Curatorial, Design, Digital, Film, Media, Mural Arts, Performing Arts, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Visual Arts
Bryan Robinson is an educator, multifaceted media artist, curator of slickness and the owner of The Black Genius Art Show.  Robinson’s creations set a simple yet bold appeal to each project/illustration. The use of BLACK lines mold the narrative of each individual canvas, and the GENIUS of it all is to understand that ART LIVES not just on a gallery wall but it exists in all we do.

Carly Bales

  • Carly Bales
  • Film, Interdisciplinary, Performing Arts, Theater
I am a director, performer, and cultural producer. I create plays, films, and ephemeral experiences in theatres, galleries, abandoned buildings, and the space in between.

Ching-Yi Lin

  • Ching-Yi Lin
  • Music, Performing Arts
ordinary person offering unique music

Christen Taylor

  • Christen B
  • Music, Performing Arts
Christen B seamlessly blends electronic and acoustic instruments with transcendent vocals leaving listeners in a state of euphoria! This Baltimore native is changing the way people experience music. She allows the audience to watch as she masterfully layers unique sounds while looping them on the spot and leaving the crowd wanting more!

Dawn Ursula

  • Dawn Ursula
  • Performing Arts, Theater
Stage, Film, Voice Over, Book Narration, Acting Coach and Teaching Artist. Member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA. Recipient of Baltimore City Paper and Helen Hayes Awards. Resident Company Member of Everyman Theatre and Woolly Mammoth.

Déjà Richardson

  • Déjà Richardson
  • Mural Arts, Sculpture, Visual Arts
East Coast-based artist Deja Richardson straddles between the lines of abstraction, mixed media, and conceptual art. Raised in Baltimore, Deja Richardson attended the Baltimore School for the Arts for stage design and theater. Obtaining the knowledge from her visual arts and stage design classes gave her the foundation she needed to grow, allowing her to open up to other forms of expression and design.

DeVonte’ Tasker

  • D.T.
  • Interdisciplinary
As a black queer male born and raised in Baltimore, my mission is to utilize my artistic skills and resources to give other artists like myself , who may not have the space or opportunities, a chance to be seen, supported, and unapologetically themselves. To not be defined by their race, sexuality, or class but by their talent and art and the impact they could have on others.

Janet Jeffers

  • Janet Little Jeffers Photography
  • Visual Arts
Janet Little Jeffers is a Baltimore, Maryland-based artist specializing in digital photography. With a background in graphic design and interior design, her work explores intimate and abstract details in the natural and manmade worlds. She thrives on exploration, whether in her hometown or a remote destination. Janet’s work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the mid-Atlantic, on book and magazine covers, in film and video, and in permanent installations for institutions and businesses such as University of Maryland Medical System and Pharmaceutics International, Inc. She is also a sought-after judge for regional photography competitions and gives presentations on topics of photographic creativity and composition.

Jerome Chester

  • Alleykidart
  • Design, Visual Arts
Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland (over west to be specific), Jerome Chester is a multifaceted artist who has been a creative for his entire life. Known for his witty and eccentric style, Jerome fashions the products of his spacious and unorthodox imagination into tangible idiosyncratic masterpieces for his as well as the world’s enjoyment under his artist brand, AlleyKidArt. Satirical in its nature, the brand, includes artistic merchandise and original artworks that: feature Jerome’s own colorful character line-up, promotes physical/mental health, address the social/political climate with its thought-provoking designs and quotes. An illustrator, painter, graphic designer, muralist, and much more, he is a self-proclaimed renaissance man; but his most valued task is raising two beautiful daughters, Journee and Makenzie.

Joel Santiago

  • Joel Santiago Music
  • Interdisciplinary, Music, Performing Arts, Traditional Arts

Jorgelina Lopez

  • La Loupe
  • Design
Jorgelina Lopez, a textile designer, along with her partner Marco Duenas, a cross-disciplinary wood artist, design and create handcrafted lighting and decor that value the traditional crafts of the past with innovative thinking. The name La Loupe, (a French word for the magnifying glass) represents the idea of curiosity and discovery and a symbol of observation and visual attention that they bring to their designs.

Julia Clouser

  • Julia Clouser
  • Film, Interdisciplinary, Media, Visual Arts
Julia Clouser is a multidisciplinary artist who works with photography, text, and video to explore themes of perception, memory, and place. She is best known for using imagery appropriated from her grandfather’s 8mm films shot in Florida throughout the 1960s and 70s; these films were shot on a camera that unexpectedly exposed the film outside of its standardized frame, creating moments existing only in the film’s margins. Julia’s approach to the materiality of images questions how we perceive or fail to perceive moments in their natural context.

Kariz Marcel

  • The Blakwater Project
  • Media, Music
With a foundation in music production and youth development, I utilize these skill sets to create professional and creative development programming for Baltimore city recording artists. My work spreads across multiple mediums including, performance art, video & film, song production, mixing & mastering and curriculum development. We were recently rewarded by the US State Department for the Blakwater Exchange Program, launching our pilot in 2021.

Katie Shlon

  • Katie Addada Shlon
  • Interdisciplinary, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts
Katie Addada Shlon is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound, performance, and installation to meditate on complex environmental issues.

Kelly Walker

  • Kelly Walker Fine Art
  • Visual Arts
I use a wide range of atypical material pushing mediums past their intended purpose, encouraging them to collide and react, not rejecting happy accidents and forcing incompatible materials to meet. My works are intricately layered referencing graffiti, landscape and color field. I work in fits of inspiration that has led to an expansive collection of unique series.

LieAnne Navarro

  • LieAnne Navarro
  • Visual Arts
LieAnne Navarro is painter and multidisciplinary artist in Baltimore, MD, working abstractly and figuratively with oil and acrylic mediums. Her work is informed by urban and natural landscapes and people.

Mark Nadir

  • Mark Nadir
  • Music, Photography, Video
I love sharing experiences with friends and gifting them something special to remember. Photography is a great tool for that and I’ve realized how much fun it is, now I can’t stop!

Michele Howard

  • Michele Blu/ Blu Treasures Kemetic Yoga & Arts
  • Curatorial, Design, Jewelry, Music, Performance Art
Michele Blu Is multidisciplinary artist born & raised in Balto City with a passion for art in many forms. Michel is the founder of Blu Treasures & Blu treasure Kemetic Yoga & arts, a handcrafted line of one-of-a-kind art, fashion, clothing, jewelry accessories and crochet that features creative textures, fabrics, color & paint. I also work with youth & at risk, a curator, musician & co founder of the experimental call & response band Kemetic Lullaby & Sound healer

Miriam Ewers

  • Miriam
  • Visual Arts
Large-scale and small-scale contemporary sculptor

Nicole Dyer

  • Nicole Dyer
  • Visual Arts
My work examines a need for excess in the wake of restriction. After 17 years compulsively whittling down the number of foods I allowed myself to eat, last year, at age 28, I was left with just one. As my food list shrank, my paintings ballooned: domestic landscapes crowded with health books and food wrappers and children’s toys, the paint itself bloated with glitter and candy and sea glass. The resulting work is kleptic and obsessive, adorned with shiny objects like a magpie’s nest. My paintings are a meditation on disordered eating in an age of overconsumption.

Nicoletta de la Brown

  • Nicoletta de la Brown
  • Film, Performance Art
Nicoletta de la Brown

Pablo Machioli

  • Pablo MACHIOLI
  • Design, Digital, Mural Arts, Visual Arts
I am Pablo MACHIOLI, a self-taught artist born in Uruguay in 1976. My journey into the realm of art commenced in 2012, driven by a profound desire to delve into the transformative power of creative expression.

Rebecca Marimutu

  • Rebecca Marimutu
  • Interdisciplinary, Media, Photography, Sculpture, Video
Rebecca Marimutu is an interdisciplinary image based artist currently living and working in Baltimore MD. She works to address and remove the material, political and racial hierarchy of picture & image making.

Richard Croce

  • MC Bravado
  • Music, Performing Arts
MC Bravado is a rapper from Baltimore by way of New York. He's received noteworthy press across mediums, including but not limited to HipHopDX, FOX, ABC, SiriusXM Shade45, Billboard, Okayplayer, DJBooth, HotNewHipHop, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine, The Source, Earmilk, and REVOLT TV. No stranger to performing on major stages (Vans Warped Tour, A3C, SXSW), the former Baltimore city High School English Teacher is showing and proving his way to rarefied air. This summer, alongside Lineup Room owner Brandon Lackey, he launches Label Necklace; a record label venture that embodies their values as musicians/educators.

Samantha Carmel

  • Units
  • Design, Interdisciplinary
I'm primarily a clothing designer working with a seasonless, eco- and slow-fashion model using recycled textiles; I also produce sculpture works and design objects (lamps, tables, mirrors, etc).