Armen Baboom was born in Tehran, Iran in 1970. He has taken delight in painting and drawing since his childhood. His artistic career started in 1987, when he entered Tehran’s School of Visual Art. He has spent many years of his career on figure drawing, especially portrait drawing. He has excellent technique in expressing himself. Eventually, he developed a serious interest in abstract art and found a new sense of comfort and enjoyment in it. He participated in 2 solo and 3 group art exhibitions in Tehran, Iran. He also participated in the following art exhibitions in Baltimore, MD:
1- Solo Art Exhibition, Reverb Club, 2017
2- Group Art Exhibition, Big Show Exhibition, Creative Alliance, 2019
3- Group Art Exhibition, 25th Big Show Exhibition, Creative Alliance, 2020
He tends to use sturdy and full compositions in his artworks. On the other hand, one of the desirable features of his work is using primary colors. The square and rectangle shapes are very visible in his artworks. He places a lot of value and importance in pleasure and enjoyment while creating his artworks.